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Clients & Accomplishments

Federal Government


We have performed extensive work for the federal government for over thirteen years. Our federal clients include the U.S. Navy (NAVFAC PAC and NAVFAC Hawaii), the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the Federal Aviation Administration. Our accomplishments include the following investigations.


  • In response to the concerns of the U.S. Navy regarding contamination of Pearl Harbor, we performed environmental investigations within the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard to assess potential releases from the extensive storm drain system. We investigated soil, groundwater, and sediments and evaluated remedial alternatives so the storm drains could be cleaned using the most efficient and cost-effective methods.


  • We were part of a team that assessed and remediated PCB contamination at a former U.S. Coast Guard Station on Molokaʻi, which was located close to an ecologically-sensitive area next to the ocean. In addition to removing contaminated debris and soil, we performed a study of the potential impacts to nearby marine animals and determined that they were free of PCBs.

U.S. Navy
Industrial Businesses


We assist industrial companies with environmental assessment, remediation, permitting, planning, and management. Our industrial clients include petroleum companies, asphalt companies, and concrete companies. Our accomplishments include the following projects.


  • We were part of the team that designed and constructed the Kalaeloa Asphalt Terminal, performing environmental oversight and numerous other services. The construction of the terminal alleviated the asphalt shortages that had plagued Hawaiʻi.


  • Under a voluntary response program [VRP] agreement with the Department of Health, we are helping to redevelop the former Grace Pacific Lower Makakilo Quarry in conjunction with their expansion of the upper quarry, for which we also provided environmental, public outreach, and permit consulting services. The quarry is one of the principal suppliers of aggregate (rock) to Hawaiʻi industry.


Grace Pacific
Asphalt HI
Commercial Businesses and Developers


Our commercial clients depend on us for environmental consultation involving property transactions, property assessments, and environmental investigations. Our clients include law firms, developers, contractors, land owners, banks, consulting firms, architecture and engineering firms, and environmental consulting firms. Our accomplishments include the following property redevelopment projects.


  • Under a voluntary response program [VRP] agreement with the Department of Health, we helped redevelop the former ConocoPhillips Honolulu bulk petroleum fuel terminal in Iwilei for construction of a Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse store. Extensive on-site remediation was performed, cleaning up a property that had been used for petroleum storage and distribution since 1923.


  • For the development and construction of Hokua, we provided environmental assessment, pre-construction abatement, and environmental oversight on behalf of the developer, and we acted as a liaison between the developer and the Department of Health. Hokua is a 41-story luxury condominium at the corner of Ala Moana Boulevard and Queen Street.

Land Owners and Corporate Acquisitions


We work on behalf of land owners to help them with performing due diligence assessments of their properties, often in conjunction with a potential property transaction. Our corporate clients have retained us to perform detailed due diligence assessments of properties owned by targeted acquisitions in order to determine the financial risks associated with potential environmental issues. Our accomplishments include the following due diligence assessments.


  • As part of due diligence for a corporate acquisition, we performed Phase I environmental site assessments for 85 properties and provided environmental consulting services for one of the largest recent land holding transfers in Hawaiʻi.


  • As part of a corporate acquisition, we performed a due diligence assessment for 62 properties, including bulk petroleum fuel terminals, automotive service stations, and trucking operations. Included were detailed evaluations of the current environmental status and a prioritization of all sites.

Kaneohe Ranch
Home Owners, Medical Facilities, and Schools


Our clients include private home owners, medical facilities such as hospitals and care homes, and schools. Services that we have provided them include environmental investigations, plan preparation, and assistance with environmental permitting. Our accomplishments include the following investigations conducted on behalf of private home owners.


  • While renovating their newly purchased house in Kahala, home owners discovered an underground storage tank beneath a fully-mature lychee tree in their backyard. Removing the tank would have killed the tree, undermined an adjacent structural wall, and jeopardized the house. We performed a closure assessment of the tank, cleaned it, and successfully closed the tank in place.


  • Home owners in Kailua discovered an automotive lead-acid battery buried in their yard and became concerned that hazardous materials had been buried there before they moved into the house. We removed the battery and performed an investigation of the yard. The battery had leaked and the surrounding soil had been contaminated by lead. We were able to confirm that there were no additional buried hazardous materials and that the contamination did not pose a threat to their family or the environment.

Hazardous Materials, Lead-Based Paint, Asbestos, and Mold


Our clients in need of lead-based paint, asbestos, and mold investigations include paving companies, industrial and commercial companies, medical facilities, and private home owners. Our accomplishments include the following projects providing assistance to both industry and development.


  • To support the re-paving of the Hana Airport runway, we prepared an Environmental Control Plan, performed a lead investigation of the runway striping and paint, and conducted a lead exposure assessment. Although the paint contained high levels of lead, we oversaw the proper removal of the striping and paint and monitored the workers throughout the project to ensure that they were not exposed to lead.


  • As part of the redevelopment of the historic Honolulu Advertiser building, we performed a hazardous materials survey. At the time, the building housed the Hawaii Five-0 production crew. Based on our results, we provided recommendations for protecting workers from exposure to asbestos-, lead-, arsenic-, PCB-, and radioactive element-containing building materials.

Downtown Capital
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