Administrators & Managers

Howard B. West, Ph.D., PG


Dr. West is the President of ESI and has over 30 years of professional experience in Hawaiʻi. He is a former faculty member at the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. As one of the founding members of ESI, Dr. West provides technical oversight and direction for ESI projects. He is an experienced program manager for long-term projects involving environmental planning, assessment, and remediation.


Dr. West has been involved in a diverse range of environmental projects at many levels, including field manager, quality assurance manager, project manager, technical director, contract manager, and program manager. He has extensive experience managing and working on government and private sector contracts.



Mr. Simmons is the Senior Vice President and Federal Program Manager at ESI and he serves as Senior Technical Advisor on commercial projects. He has over 27 years of professional experience in Hawaiʻi and extensive project management and field experience working with federal and private sector clients throughout the Pacific. He has been at ESI since 2006.


In his career, Mr. Simmons has performed duties as a regulatory manager, trainer, environmental scientist, field geologist, remediation technician, and laboratory technician. He has experience with sampling soil, groundwater, and soil vapor and extensive experience in preparing environmental plans and detailed technical reports.


In his role as Program Manager, Mr. Simmons directs, manages, and performs a diverse array of work under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act [CERCLA]. He interacts routinely with U.S. Department of the Navy, State of Hawaiʻi Department of Health, and Environmental Protection Agency personnel.

Scott E. Simmons, CHMM
Robert A. Chong


Mr. Chong is the Vice President of Operations and the Program Manager for commercial projects at ESI and he has over 18 years of professional experience in Hawaiʻi. He has been at ESI since 2002. He has extensive project management and field experience working with a wide variety of federal, state, local, and private sector clients. Managing a diverse project portfolio, Mr. Chong has worked closely with both the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Health [DOH] and the Environmental Protection Agency.


Mr. Chong currently manages the assessment and development of a 52-acre DOH Brownfields site in Makakilo. He has designed sampling strategies for numerous projects involving discrete, composite, and multi-increment sampling. His experience with multi-media sampling includes soil, groundwater, soil vapor, and free-phase petroleum product. He also has experience with the design, installation, and operation of remedial systems, including vapor extraction, pump and treat, multiphase extraction, ozone injection, and free product recovery. Mr. Chong has extensive experience preparing environmental plans and detailed technical reports.

Audrene M. Duarte


Ms. Duarte is the Vice President and Office Manager at ESI and has over 39 years of administrative, management, and executive support experience. She has been at ESI since 2003. She is responsible for managing the company’s administrative, financial, and human resources programs.  Her areas of responsibility include accounting, payroll, human resources, policy development, project support, and many other operational functions. She is also responsible for overseeing the administrative and financial components of all contracts for federal and private sector clients.  


Ms. Duarte works closely and collaboratively with ESI principals, managers, staff, and consultants (e.g., accountants, bookkeepers, insurance agents, information technology consultants, 401k plan consultants). She also provides administrative and technical support to ESI project managers, which includes reviewing and editing written deliverables (i.e., reports and correspondence), document preparation, and assistance with database and document management.

Stephanie J. Davis


Ms. Davis is a Project Manager at ESI and she has extensive experience working on federal agency and private industry projects. She has over 19 years of industry experience and has served on projects in a multitude of capacities including project manager, environmental scientist, fisheries technician, environmental laboratory technician, field biologist, and technical reviewer.


Ms. Davis has managed and conducted numerous environmental investigations throughout the State of Hawaiʻi, including environmental site assessments, soil and groundwater monitoring, underground storage tank closures, remedial investigations, hazardous waste removal actions, soil and groundwater remediation, and Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements. She frequently collaborates with regulatory agencies to coordinate project efforts and expedite project completion. She has also prepared planning documents, conducted investigations, and completed reports for Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act [CERCLA] actions for the Department of the Navy.

Traci Y. Sylva, Ph.D., CMQ/OE


Dr. Sylva is the Senior Chemist at ESI and also serves as Project Manager. A former faculty member in the Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, she has over 27 years of professional experience in Hawaiʻi and has been at ESI since 2004. She has extensive experience in the preparation and review of project planning documents, the collection of environmental samples, data quality evaluation, coordination and communication with analytical laboratories and regulatory agencies, the preparation of data usability assessments, and preparing technical reports for government and commercial clients. Her duties include sampling environmental media, preparing and reviewing worksheets, and incorporating measurement performance criteria that meet Department of Defense standards for laboratories for Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program certification requirements.


Dr. Sylva is responsible for the implementation of ESI’s Strategic Management Program. As a Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, Dr. Sylva supervises quality assurance and quality control procedures in the field as well as providing communication and coordination with analytical laboratories and third-party data validators. She also oversees junior chemists and the development and maintenance of databases for electronic data deliverables and she evaluates data for hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal.

Peter E. Morris


Mr. Morris is a Project Manager at ESI, primarily for State of Hawaii Department of Transportation Airports Division projects. He has experience working on projects for other government agencies, as well, and extensive experience working on residential, commercial, and industrial projects. He has over 19 years of industry experience conducting environmental site assessments, site investigations, and remediation projects.


Mr. Morris has been involved in the management of underground storage tank closures and installations, soil and groundwater investigations and remediation, vapor intrusion investigations and mitigation, regulatory negotiations, potable well monitoring and sampling, excavation oversight, data management, treatment system design and sampling, and in-situ remediation. He has strong communication and technical writing skills, knowledge of technical requirements, and is responsible for document preparation and review, quality control, development of remedial strategies, project and client management, and serving as the liaison between clients, contractors, and regulatory agencies.

J. Doug Heard


Mr. Heard is a Professional Geologist and Project Manager at ESI with 32 years of experience in the environmental consulting. He has worked extensively as a client liaison with regulatory agencies and has strong technical and project management skills in working with both public and private sector clients, including municipal, industrial, agricultural, public utility, and commercial clients. He has conducted, managed, and provided technical oversight for numerous soil, groundwater, and soil vapor investigations; remediation projects; Phase I and II environmental site assessments; and preliminary environmental assessments.


Mr. Heard’s experience includes expert witness deposition and testimony; the development of work plans, corrective action plans, problem assessment reports, and waste discharge reports; and implementing monitoring and reporting programs. His project management responsibilities include supervision of drilling operations, oversight of groundwater monitoring programs, and technical oversight of staff. He also has performed landfill cap and land use control inspections for naval facilities in Hawaii.