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We have a diverse client base that includes industrial and commercial businesses, federal and state government agencies, and private homeowners. We have performed environmental consulting services for some of our clients for more than a decade. Some of our staff have been performing work for our clients for as long as two decades.


Over the years we have achieved many accomplishments working on our client’s behalf that have benefited them and, in many cases, benefited the state and the community as well.



GLP Asphalt LLC

“Environmental Science International did remarkable work on the project considering that the proposed facility was the only one of its type built in the United States in recent years with no others under construction or contemplated. The uniqueness of an asphalt terminal required a very high level of coordination amongst the various disciplines for which ESI was well suited. The end result of the process was a petroleum terminal constructed in 2 ½ years from concept to operation which was directly the result of the work of ESI.”


Richard C. Levins, President

Hawaii Department of Health, HEER Office

"Just wanted to send a short note to restate what a great job ... I think the ESI team is doing on the ConocoPhillips site in downtown Honolulu. We are already using your work to help guide preparation of our upcoming, revised Technical Guidance Manual and Environmental Hazard Evaluation (EAL) document. My guess is that you're going to shave at least a year off of the time it would normally take to get a site like this investigated, evaluated and cleaned up. The site investigation report we received this week is in particular one of the best we've ever seen and will expedite our review of the site data immensely, saving everyone time and money in the long run. "


Roger Brewer, Environmental Risk Assessor

NAVFAC Pacific

"Environmental Science International, Inc (ESI) has shown the ability to develop and successfully fulfill NAVFAC Pacific's environmental contract delivery orders despite the increased demand for their services and demanding schedules imposed on them. Their positive professional attitude & excellent deliverables has made us a believer in pursuing future contracts with small businesses."


Mona Tomasu, Contract Officer Technical Representative

USACE Hawaii

"ESI has supported this command at Fort Shafter for the past year, and I must say that their support has been outstanding. I would highly recommend that they be given favorable consideration for environmental work that you may have."


Wayne Mitsko, Chief Environmental Division, U.S. Army Reserve, 9th RRC

U.S. Coast Guard

"I have worked with … Environmental Science International (ESI) on three environmental investigations in Honolulu, and one remediation project in Japan. I have found their technical capabilities to be outstanding, as is their ability to deliver high quality environmental services. The timeliness of their work is also outstanding; when new aspects of a project arise, as they often do with this type of work, ESI has always been very responsive and approachable in meeting our needs."


Jay Silberman, Environmental Protection Specialist

Department of the Navy

"It is my pleasure to nominate Environmental Science International (ESI) for this years Small Business Administration National/Regional Awards Program.  ESI has proven to be an invaluable member of the, NAVFAC PACIFIC organization.  Their efforts both within the State of Hawaii and across the Pacific Rim have demonstrated their professional ability and continued outstanding support of the U.S. Navy."


Richard Keener, Contract Officer

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